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Effective Credit Repair Simplified —plus
How to Buy a Home for No Money Down — with partial credit repair, the right credit repair .

This low cost eBook provides the resources needed to improve life sooner, not later!
The United States Government, the Federal Trade Commission says: “Credit Repair: Self Help May Be Best”

The US Gov is right and they would know. They wrote the "Fair Credit Reporting Act". They get the complaints from consumers, creditors and credit bureaus. From experience, they recognize that the 3 major credit bureaus want to hear directly from you; not your credit repair service or attorney.
Here's a low cost eBook that tells you how to "do it yourself" and do it right.

This $34.95 eBook gets straight to the point and tells you:

  • How to repair credit yourself.
  • Repair it so you can buy a home.
  • So you can buy with no money down.
  • So you can refinance at the lowest rate.
  • How to buy a home with "no money down". 4 proven techniques explained.
  • How to repair your credit in less time, just enough, so that you can buy for money down.

    All 3 major credit bureaus have excellent services for monitoring credit. But after you find out what is on your credit report, what is the most efficient and safe way to improve your credit?

    This eBook is written from within the mortgage/credit industry. It’s researched and produced through an unusual combination of resources. There is currently nothing else like this on the internet; not in any book store; nor found in those hyped TV programs about "no money down".

    Lenders, mortgage professionals and credit advisors have shared information about the best new mortgage programs “out there”; credit requirements for those programs; how partially repaired credit can qualify; and “what to do” verses “what not to do” with respect to credit bureaus. This saves on guess work —so that people can spend more time accomplishing objectives.

    This eBook is quite different from other credit repair advice.

  • It's written for you to spend less time reading, and more time actually fixing your credit.
  • It applies common sense and gives that extra creative advice to get you "credit ready" quickly.
  • Yes, it explains how to perfect your credit as required for the lowest rates available —however
  • Also specific short repair to qualify credit for what others don’t know, 100% financing fast.
  • There's one more big difference from the others. This eBook costs only $34.95.
    "Effective Credit Repair Simplified" an eBook written by mortgage specialist with 20 yrs residential mortgage experience.

    Before you spend that whopping 5 dollars, you may want more detail about what's inside this eBook:

    This is a lifetime subscription for $34.95. In addition to the downloadable heart of the publication being packed with the information about what is "going on" today, you will never need to pay for, or order a revised copy.

    This eBook links to its own web pages which are kept up-to-date with respect to the information that you should know. You will have lifetime access to current, relevant and functional information; including useful methods for achieving your objectives. Such as:

  • credit repair techniques that work,
  • re-establishing credit,
  • the credit reporting industry,
  • the mortgage industry and
  • "what works" when you're trying to buy a home for "no money down".

  • Have you seen all those options from the 3 major credit bureaus?
  • Have you been able to decide on the best credit monitoring service?
  • Do you know the most cost effective way to order your credit report?
  • Need more information in order to make a decision?
  • Would it make sense to read an up-to-date opinion from a 3rd party professional?

    Don't misunderstand. Those credit bureau services can be quite powerful, if you know how to apply them. This eBook is loaded with the ammunition you'll be looking for, when you're working with the credit bureaus.

    This eBook is written with mortgage programs in mind. It's written to "realistically get folks on track and into a home or refinanced at a low interest rate.

    Once you’ve seen your credit report and you find out what’s on it —
  • What are you supposed to do about it?
  • How can you improve it?
  • How can you repair your credit and buy a home for no money down?
  • How can you refinance your existing home at a decent interest rate.

    It’ll cost you a whopping $34.95 to find out.
    Use the information provided in this publication along with the right services provided by Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, and chances are you’ll be buying that dream house or refinancing your existing home with a low interest rate that will most definitely afford you and your family a better life.

    Learn what mortgage underwriters want to see with respect to your credit report.

    Learn how to repair your credit so that you can purchase a home for no money down.

    Most other credit repair advice focuses only on perfecting credit for conforming rate mortgages.

    This program quite adequately addresses those conforming rate credit requirements and explains the “what to do” and “how to its”.

    However, for many folks, explaining only conforming rate requirements can do more harm than good. It can lead to a “vicious cycle” of frustration and discouragement. For many damaged credit profiles, it is "unrealistic" to expect a hopeful family to get their credit to qualify for a conforming rate mortgage anytime soon. In these cases, it can take years, not only 2 years, but sometimes even 3, 4 or more. In response that, this eBook also addresses much faster credit repair that can qualify for mortgages with interest rates, perhaps only ½ percent to one (1) percent higher than conforming rates. This is done in an effort to turn potential false hope into a realistic objective for a lot of folks whom might otherwise never see an end to a “vicious cycle”.

    This eBook is inexpensive, because: you're not paying for printing or shipping; and there are no publishing or distribution costs passed on to you, because you're purchasing it directly from the entity that reseached it and produced it.

    The information provided comes from:
  • the author's first hand experience;
  • 10 years as a mortgage loan officer;
  • 10 prior years in solution financing;
  • a comprehensive awareness and understanding of mortgage underwriting; and
  • through 5 years experience running eMortgageSolution.com, a nationwide network of mortgage professionals that regularly share information about the best mortgage lenders and programs available.

    "Effective Credit Repair Simplified"

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